Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers


We open our episode with the Four Swine somehow managing to create this huge sound while only playing acoustic guitars. Talented boys!

There must also be a talented audience because the ten people there manage to make it sound like the bands are playing for a crowded room. 


Who the hell closes the door when they first open the scene? I was cracking up watching that! Trump starts talking and immediately the front door slams shut. 

You can tell that the boys are really down on their luck because Mike is using a giant lead pipe as a pogo stick. Even better is that you can hear his feet jumping on the ground. 

I'm sorry, but who the hell tied Trump's tie???

Ever notice how every contract the boys sign is the exact same blue and white paper? It is the little things like this that drive me nuts. I am guessing the prop room they had to work with was the size of a closet. 

To get the boys some publicity, it is decided that they should get their clothes ripped off by a bunch of girls. Girls and clothes coming off? Sounds like a slice out of Peter Tork's life!

Another ploy Trump offers up to get the boys famous is to have them place their hands in cement in front of the Chinese theater. Only, it isn't THE Chinese theater as in Grauman's. And if you look on the marquee on the outside of theater you can read the word "Dork." No clue why. 

I always wondered too, how did Trump not break the boys' fingers when he brought the sledgehammer down on the cement? 

What else could make the boys famous?? Let's have them be kidnapped! Peter asks what kind of kidnapping...because there are so many different kinds apparently.

And I love how cheap these fellas are willing to go to commit a crime. They won't do it for less than $1000........except for maybe $360. 

The time comes for the boys to put on their best outfits and get the kidnapping started! I hate to say it but Mike and Peter end up looking like waiters with their short jackets. Mike gets bonus points for the belt buckle though.

"If it's one thing I can't stand its late kidnappers!"

And where is Davy when all of this action is going down? "Out with a girlfriend." What a slut. But his said girlfriend at the time is our favorite gal, Val Kairys. We LOVE her!

Also, explain to me why Davy and everyone else were at a 'nightclub' in the middle of the day? 


I swear, the continuity person on set should have been shot. The people at the party are inside one minute, and then waiting to get into the party the next. They are walking down the stairs and then in the next shot they are half way across the room. 

During this little romp we see the unfortunate sight which is Peter dancing. Now, in my opinion, Micky is the best dancer out of the guys. Davy tends to dance very much like a stereotypical white guy, fingers snapping, doesn't really do much. Peter tends to have full blown seizure while dancing. Micky gets the groove though, baby!

David Price on the other hand is getting DOWN! Go girl!

I love how the party really starts to pick up when a group of people come in with pretzels. YES!!! This is a kick ass party now!!!

Also, I am assuming by how quickly the chairs and tables from the restaurant are brought over that the restaurant is right next door. How convenient! 

So, eventually Trump has to come over and get everything straightened out. The boys are kept locked in a room until the contest is over so that they have no chance of winning. One of my favorite moments is when Micky gets an idea, but he can't think with the light bulb over his head. I love it.

How do they get out of the room?! Easy! They will just throw Peter out of the window, of course! But, Peter is too limp...he's gotta be stiff! *insert joke here*


The Monkees truly are magical in that they can escape their pad being chased by criminals and end up in an entirely different setting in entirely different clothes. MAGIC!!

I honestly think whoever was in charge of putting the romps together just sat in a room and said, "Yeah, lets just throw a bunch of random shit together and call it a day." 

I must say that I do enjoy seeing the backlots of the studios. A+ for that one.

Also, Davy is just shaking the shit out of those maracas! Get it Manchester Cowboy!

Once again, we see the magic of The Monkees when we go to the contest hall and the guys are making some loud rock music without even plugging in their instruments. Bravah!

The emcee of the contest says they found evidence of foul play but that the perpetrators had been apprehended. Umm, I'm sorry, but who was murdered? They must have cut that out of the show. 

We end the show with the Monkees stripping, which in my opinion is how every one of their episodes should have ended.


Bob proceeds to bug the boys but they just want to go home!

In my opinion, Mike does the best at interviews. He is funny but he also gets very serious and gives great and concise answers. I dig it.

Peter on the other hand is WAY too ADD to have a conversation right then and there, and perhaps the cause of his agitation is his WAYYYY too short pants. Good Lord!


I personally love when Peter yells "Yay!" when he is washing his socks in the cocktail shaker. I don't know why, I just do. 

They all look adorable when they have their hands in cement and are smiling up at the camera. And Mike with his sleeves rolled up, yes please!!

Mike is so cute when he and Micky are playing telephone. Love it.

When the boys are trying to figure out how they can get out of the locked room, Mike is leaning against the wall. Once again, yes please!

And what else can I say about the Monkees stripping except for HOLY MOTHER OF GOD LOOK AT PETER'S ARMS!! *faints*

And during the interview at the end of the show, I have to say that Peter's blue shirt is one of my favorite things that he wears in the series. J'adore.


The screen caps for this entry are from this amazing Monkees website that you need to check out for Monkees info, pictures, and tons of other fun! She's a star collector, a collector of stars.