Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monkee vs. Machine


Once again, we start our tale at 1334 N. Beechwood Drive. And Mike playing the harmonica. Who doesn't love this? Why aren't there more videos of him playing harmonica? I for one want to see them so I can sit, gaping at the screen.

I love how when Mike lifts the table top lid up and Peter looks at the camera and rolls his eyes. Over it much? At least he does a good job at hiding it. Oh wait...

The rent is late! Again! I think the boys would have more money to use towards rent if they stopped getting three newspapers delivered. Seriously, Davy has a copy. Mike has a copy, and Micky has a copy. Learn to share, boys!

Peter dress up time! I give the boys credit because I don't think I would be able to put clothes back ON him. But Mike putting his tie on is kinda hot, even though he just ties it tightly to his throat. 

So, we are led to believe that Peter just walked in, asked for the job, and was immediately given an interview. I don't know about you, but in my experience you fill out the application, wait 3.5 years to hear back from them, schedule an interview, and then wait another 3.5 to hear whether or not you are hired. But hey, Peter is cute, so I bet that helped him. 

Peter seriously gives the secretary a stare down. Creepy guy style.


The scene between Peter and the machine is awesome.
"Peter. Ya dig? Pete."
"Operation, Pete Digger."
"Listen, I'm a man!"
"In your spare time you are a man."

Awww, poor Peter comes back to the pad, dejected and feeling low after being OWNED by that machine. Mike tries to comfort him by telling him, "You have something the machine doesn't have. You have friends." If that was the advice a friend gave me when I was upset, I would seriously consider hitting them with a shovel.

Something I have never understood is what Peter says to Mike while explaining what happened during his interview. It sounds like he says either, "Oh wow!" or "Oh, well..." Either way, it sounds weird. 

Mike's interview is a complete 360 from Peter's. It is the Monkee's turn to own the machine. 
"Sex?" (Peter's laugh at this point during the commentary is just awesome).
"I bet you're a real swinger when you're turned on." Oh, Mike...

So, Daggart takes Mike on a tour of the factory and leads him into a room filled with what look like machines that do pointless tasks. Yes, "modern toy making." Kids just love playing with fax machines.

Here comes Pop Harper, the man we must feel sorry for and want the Monkees to rescue. But, God bless you, Harper, what the hell did you 'invent'? Wow. Something you can bend and then straighten back up again. I could do the same thing with a wire hanger and not be out any money. The boomerang was invented roughly 30,000 years according to Wikipedia, which is about the same time Pop Harper was born, so perhaps he was feeling nostalgic for the toys of his youth. I don't blame Daggart for wanting to get rid of him, sorry!

Okay, so lets get on the same page here. Mike JUST got hired. The rent is already late. They have to pay it or get out. Mike won't get a nice paychecks for a couple of weeks does this all work with out with the guys still having a place to live? I wish real life was like tv sometimes. Life would be a lot easier and filled with musical romps.

Peter pipes in and tells Mike to cheer up because at least he will get to play with kids on the job. My first thought was, no Peter, as it usually is. Unless we are back in the early 1900s when child labor was rampant, I don't think you will see many kids running around a factory, even if said factory is making toys. For product research purposes, sure you will interact with kids, but since we don't really know what Mike's job title is...


This is a pieced together romp made up of the boys playing with kids on the beach, riding unicycles, playing their instruments, and riding in the Monkee mobile. Speaking of the Monkee mobile, it was parked outside the venue in Michigan where Michael Nesmith was playing a show and while sitting inside with my friend getting our picture taken, I went to honk the horn and it popped off. Oops!

The Monkees are nothing if not masters of disguise. But, it has to be noted that Peter makes one ugly woman, which is something positive I think because according to his commentary, he hated dressing up in drag. 

It is time to test the toys! I was a little perplexed as to why they have 14 year old boys come in to play with toys, but hey, gotta cover all the bases right? I bet Daggart regretted bringing the big boys in when he took away Davy's yo-yo and one of the older boys beats the shit out of him. Seriously, that kid goes to town on Daggart! Kids these days! Or, THOSE days. 

When Peter comes in as a young boy to test toys, he is part of the group told to make a bridge. Just what every kid wants. Screw the new bike, Mom! Get me two pieces of plastic to jam together so I can have a bridge and have hours of fun driving little matchbox cars over it!

Mike tries to tell Mr. Duggins that he needs to remember to put happiness into his toys and that Pop Harper put that into the thing he created. I am not going to bring up the whole BS concept of his toy, but it is implied.

Mike's hat in this scene just looks weird. It is darker and uber pointed. It just looks weird. Am I alone thinking this? It is almost like he shoved Harper's toy in the hat to make himself look like a Danish clown.

Name the toy after the Monkees, because it always comes back. Very prophetic of you, Mike. I am waiting for 100% confirmation of a 2013 tour this summer!!


I love when the boys are dressed as construction workers and three of them lift a board above their heads but little Davy can't reach it. It is just too cute.

I am really surprised that Peter wasn't stabbed to death by pitchforks while the boys were working with hay on the farm. Three different opportunities to get impaled. He is only lucky boy!

Val Kairys spotting! She is the gal looking to be rescued from the burning building. But, apparently the boys were feeling selfish because they just go right back down the ladder and leave her! Not cool!


After Mike gets the job and we cut back to the pad, the close up of Mike in deep thought. He looks oh so cute!

I am always one for a shirtless Davy. So, a shirtless Davy wearing a cowboy hat running on the beach is just aces in my book!

Also, Mike and Peter in their construction worker jumpsuits with the open collar. Yes, please!


The screen caps for this entry are from this amazing Monkees website that you need to check out for Monkees info, pictures, and tons of other fun! I thought love was only true in fairy tales