Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monkee See, Monkee Die

This episode opens up with Mr. Babbit, the landlord, knocking out some weird ass beat on the door. Anyway, he is mad because the boys are late with the rent and he is coming to kick them out.

Davy is all confused and decides to recite a poem, "What's the matter? We paid the rent the first of September." Unfortunately, said rent was for July.

I really would love to know where exactly the boys are supposed to be leaving. I mean, I know it is 1334 N. Beechwood Dr in California, however, I have never had an apartment where outside the door is a giant plaster head smiling creepily at me. Perhaps the 60s were just a different time. And thank you for putting a stop sign on the brick wall outside too, otherwise someone might just think to plow right into it.

The lawyer comes over in record time and the boys must disguise themselves so the man they have never met won't recognize them. Mike dresses like an old man wearing a tie that I am sure was his own, Micky is the 23 hour doorman, Davy is Whistler's Mother, and Peter is the hot t.v. repairman who I would like to imagine is wearing nothing underneath his uniform. But, it is the WRONG lawyer. This is the lawyer coming to tell them that they were written into the will of a man whose wallet they once returned.


The boys arrive to the creepy castle (of course) in matching outfits. Why boys? You aren't going there to play a show, nor are you quadruplets whose mother thinks it is cute to dress everyone the same. Still, the red shirts are classic Monkees, so I love them.

I have always noticed that right when the boys are walking into the castle the film does some weird slow motion thing so Mike's movements look robotic for a few seconds. It happens really quick and I don't know why the hell I notice it, but there it is.

You ever notice how incredibly wide Peter's hips are? When the boys all line up you can really tell how ridiculous they look compared to the stick figures that are Micky and Mike. I think the belt buckle to the side could also create some weird illusion as well.

Davy has spotted a new girl, the dead guy's niece, Ellie Reynolds! SCHWING! (I used to get a kick out of this episode because my mom's name is Ellie).
"He's in love." 
"Yeah, for the very first time today."

"To the Monkees I leave the library organ with the stipulation that they play one song on it." Who the hell leaves that in their will? "I leave my estate and earthly goods to my son, John Smith, with the stipulation that he dresses like Carmen Miranda and does the Macarena." Just a random, random 'stipulation.' His other stipulation is that his niece spends one night in the mansion. This guy has way too many annoying obstacles just to get to his money.

I just love how Davy can manage to hold fifteen maracas, shake a tambourine, sing and still look as dreamy and amazing as he does. Davy Jones = one in a million.

Micky however, God bless him, while in the middle of pretending to drum adjusts his microphone. There is another shot later where the camera does a close up of him drumming when the music in the background has stopped. Brilliant!

I could just watch Mike play guitar all day, no joke. Peter however, that boy likes to get DOWN when he plays. My older sister used to make fun of him dancing around and it would piss me off royally. Now that I am older, I can laugh and enjoy Peter's bass playing enthusiasm. I also think I am not alone when I say we need to appreciate Peter's brief 'O Face' during this particular romp. Just. Amazing.

Now it is time for my favorite thing ever and yours, MONKEE PAJAMA TIME!! However, I do not know how the boys have their pajamas considering they didn't know they were going to be staying the night...hmmmm...

Also, in this HUGE castle that they are staying in, why are they all staying in one room...in one bed?

"It looks like someones been murdered." Um, why are there like 85 knives stuck into the wall? Whoever the murderer was must of cleaned out the knife drawer in the kitchen and also had REALLY bad aim! Ooh! Maybe the knife thrower guy from the Monkees circus episode got drunk and came over!

"The wires have been cut."
"They've been tied in a bow." A perfect dummy Peter moment and I love it because he sounds so cute!

I love the little scene with Micky and Davy dressed up like Sherlock Holmes and Watson.
"Which one is Ralph?"
"...the victim." I love it!

Mike, being the smart boy that he is, decides they must get a hold of somebody outside the castle and is trying to attract various animals to help him do this. He uses bread crumbs to attract a carrier pigeon and then finds the bones of a T-Rex just hanging out in the closet and uses those to try and attract a St. Bernard. "There is a message for you on the pigeon."

Know one reason you boys may not be sleeping so well? You have your boots on. Stop that. It probably doesn't help matters that the psychic lady comes into the room all quietly and decides to tell them more news of death in the house.

I love the shot of the psychic after she says "My watch must be slow." She freezes, pointing to her watch, not looking at anyone, and then looks off camera to one of the directors. Excellent cutting skills!
Time for a seance! MONKEE HAND PORN! Also, Micky and Peter's expressions are awesome.


This is one of the many Monkee songs that is under appreciated in my opinion. I love it.

I don't think I have ever laughed as long as the three conspirators do when they talk about how they scared Ellie away. It isn't that funny guys, lay off the Kool-Aid or whatever the hell you are drinking. And why do they automatically assume that they are the new owners of the mansion? Ellie stayed the whole night in the house, so doesn't that mean it is hers? And just because she doesn't want to live there, doesn't mean she couldn't sell it. They are celebrating WAY too early.

Micky experimenting with knock out pills? Hmmm...the word roofies come to mind to anyone else?

When Peter comes in with Ellie after the knock out pills were added to the Kool-Aid/wine/whatever you hear him say "Ralph!" But then right after you hear him say "Here." But his mouth doesn't move....and the line makes no sense. I have no idea what that is all about.

"It's like the last act of 'Hamlet.'" Almost, Davy. Except that here there are no poison tipped swords or a mother sleeping with her brother-in-law, unless there is something freaky we don't know about Ralph and Madame Roselle.


Peter holding his bass in the first scene with Mr. Babbit. So dreamy.

When Mike waves to the camera in the scuba gear. So cute!!


Lea Marmer, the actress who played Madame Roselle would later play a character named Madame in the film Easy Rider. I guess Bob and Bert really liked her!

The screen caps for this entry are from this amazing Monkees website that you need to check out for tons of info, pictures, and tons of other fun! Open your eyes, get up off of your chair