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Royal Flush

So, this episode opens with a lovely shot of Princess Bettina walking along the beach with a pool float, being scoped out by Davy who is lying on the beach in itty bitty shorts and a long sleeve shirt (as one does).
Next comes Uncle Otto and Sigmund with a huge ass telescope even though they are only maybe 10 feet away from the action. I mean, that telescope could see the moon, so I am sure they got a nice close up on Bettina's pores.
Of course, since she is a princess, and Davy is involved, we have to have a damsel in distress situation. Her float somehow pops and Bettina starts freaking out even though she is only out in a couple feet of water. You want to be rescued, princess? Stand the f*#k up! But, never fear! Davy saves the day! Which I guess if you have the hope of being rescued by Davy Jones, pretend to drown all you want! Also, what uncle, gives his PRINCESS niece a cheap ass pool float as a gift? "Yes, I have tons of gold and money bags, but here is a plastic blow up float that I got from the Dollar Tree my darling niece."
Introductions are made between everyone and already Uncle Otto does not like Davy...considering he foiled the plot to kill Princess Bettina. It is interesting to note though that apparently Uncle Otto is a psychic. Bettina introduces Davy as "the young man who saved me," but later in the scene, Uncle Otto calls him "Mr. Jones." Watch out, Davy! You have a bald psychic Harmonican out to get you!
Yay! We are in the best place ever! 1334 North Beechwood Drive!! Here we see Micky sitting on the stairs reading a newspaper. Peter is staring at the monkey...because....he just is. And Mike is puttering about the kitchen in his oh so sexy Mike-esque jeans.
"She's got his jacket!" Thank God for the local newspaper printing where members of royalty are staying, otherwise we would never know where to go to retrieve our borrowed clothing articles...or assassinate someone.
Next, we arrive at the Ritz Swank Hotel and are introduced to Mike as W.H. Woolhat, which I believe stands for 'Way Hott' Woolhat. And I hope everyone remembers Woolhat's inside trading tip: "Buy International Steel at 28 1/2."
I love how in movies/tv whenever someone eaves drops on a conversation, it is ALWAYS right at the point when the people are discussing vital information. The boys immediately hear Otto and Sigmund discussing their plans to get rid of Princess Bettina, which I don't think is all that realistic. If we were in real life, the boys would probably hear Sigmund polishing Otto's shoes and whistling a song from his home country while Otto snores on the bed in the background. But, alas...the plot must move forward!
Also very convenient is that the glass bottle is marked "poison." No fancy chemical name, just "poison" and some crossbones. Very inconspicuous of you, Otto! No one would EVER think you poisoned Bettina with a bottle looking like that.
The boys must do something to save Bettina! Because...SHE HAS DAVY'S JACKET!! Leave it to Micky, he has a plan! He of course gets directly connected to the Royal Suite (no security, no questions asked). I do love how the Royal Suite is all velvets and gold, yet the phone is pastel purple. Nice touch.
Why the hell did the boys bring a suitcase with just scissors, measuring tape, spray paint, hammer, and what looks like an ice pick??? Monkee MacGuyver!!
Notice too please that Micky says "He will be right over" when Otto doesn't even say anything on the phone. He just nods. OTTO'S PSYCHIC POWERS TRAVELLED TO MICKY VIA THE PURPLE PASTEL TELEPHONE!!
While the boys are stalling Otto and Sigmund, Davy pops over next door to speak to Bettina about her Uncle's evil plans to kill her. I must say that I love Bettina's dress and hair here. Too cute! But, I must ask the hell does she know his name is Davy?! He never told her!
Victory!! The boys have managed to get Bettina out of the room and into safety. I do love how Otto automatically assumes the boys tricked him and took her and not that she may have stepped outside or gone to the bathroom. Oh! I forgot...psychic powers and such.
And...back to the beach again for a lovely stroll with Bettina and Davy. Bettina tells him that she is thinking about all her upcoming responsibilities as Queen of Harmonica. Yes, I am sure ruling five people will be very hard. And, why can't Davy go to her damn coronation? Mike said earlier in the episode that they hadn't worked in months, so what is missing a few days?
Those two certainly do go through a lot of emotions in that little scene right before the music romp. She is sad, then smiling, then running away, and he is smiling, laughing, then he gets all depressed. WHAT IS GOING ON?!
I thought that I once saw this episode and the song "Laugh" was used during this particular romp, but I am not 100% sure.
Who the hell just sits and stares at each other?! It looks like they are saying something to each other later in the shot, but the film is in slow motion. Perhaps it is, "Wow, I really wish Bob or Bert will yell cut because this is awkward."
One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Sigmund and Micky run to each other, and Sigmund lifts Micky up (mocking Davy and Bettina in the previous scene). The look on Micky's face is priceless. 
Another great moment: when Mike sings the Miss America song to Micky. She is just so beautiful!
Peter, you want to know why the knife won't cut through the rope? BECAUSE IT IS JUST A BIG ASS BUTTER KNIFE!! Oh, Peter, you are always the dummy.
I love too how Otto and Sigmund can't see the safe connect to the very long rope which is pretty much right behind the guys. I love how in the world of cinema no one has peripheral vision. But, no need to worry, because stomping on a cement floor will help bring the safe down on their heads!
Davy reading a fairy tale to Sigmund, how cute. Davy sounds so incredibly British reading this, I don't know why. "THE APPLE WAS POISONED!!!"

Davy as Errol Flynn. How can you not love this? I would let Davy sword fight for me, not gonna lie.
I have always wondered what the hell was with that couple with the food and the being all over each other?? 
And so, midnight strikes, Bettina is queen and orders Otto arrested. And we are left to assume that her and Davy's love affair was over that same night. On the tv show, Davy is very much the love 'em and leave 'em type if you hadn't noticed.
I loooove these! I wish there were more of these after show interviews because it is awesome seeing them talk as their real selves. And they all look so cute during this one.
"Davy is, you know, short."  
"He's always picking on me because I'm small!"
"I wanna go home!"
"What are you gonna do when you get home?"
"I'm gonna feed my dog, gonna take a bath, gonna set my hair."
And we end this lovely interview with Mike looking like the hott Texan that he is. Seriously. He is a babe.
But wait. Did Davy ever get his jacket back?

After the intro, at the pad, Peter in that striped shirt when he stands up next to Mike. His flat stomach...THANK YOU GOD!
Can we just have a moment of glorious silence for the boys decked out in military gear while Micky figures out a plan of attack? The camo and the face paint, yes please!
The close ups each guy gets when Otto realizes they escaped from Sigmund and are now at the party. Those smoldering spy looks, ooh la la!
Katherine Walsh, the actress who played Princess Bettina died under mysterious circumstances in 1970 at the age of only 23. She was found unconscious in her apartment and there was a report saying that she could have died from an overdose or that she was in fact murdered. The true circumstances behind her death have never been released. Her niece runs a Facebook group about Katherine with lots more information and pictures and is definitely worth checking out.
Theodore Marcuse, the actor who played Otto died in 1974 after he crashed his car while driving drunk. He was only 47 years old. He was also apparently a trained Shakespearean actor.
The Monkees screencaps are from the excellent website Sunshine Factory
The photo of Katherine Walsh is courtesy of the above mentioned Facebook page, and through her niece, Tatiana.

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